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Who we are


Our Stories: Sr. Bernadette | Sr. Elizabeth

Transfiguration Hermitage is a contemplative monastic community dedicated to a life of prayer for the needs of all people, and outreach to anyone seeking spiritual growth.

We are Sister Bernadette and Sister Elizabeth and we live by the hallowed monastic tradition of St. Benedict, leading lives of prayer, solitude, and work. The Hermitage is officially recognized by the Catholic Church, and the sisters make their vows to the Bishop of Portland, who approves our way of life. People of all faiths are welcome at the Hermitage.

We continue to work to completion of our new Hermitage in Windsor, amidst 107 acres of rolling hills, woods, meadows and blueberry fields. The Hermitage grounds offer a relaxed, contemplative openness to the beauty of God’s creation to all those who seek respite from a hectic world.

We offer retreats and workshops, spiritual direction, and pray for several hours each day for special intentions, and for the needs of all.

Our Vision
To provide a place of prayer in a naturally beautiful setting in the hills of Central Maine to house Transfiguration Hermitage, and eventually a retreat center, for those who seek a place of quiet prayer and reflection.

The Hermitage is a God-centered place of peace and solitude, where people of all faiths, can seek the healing presence of the Spirit.

What we offer
Most importantly, we offer our prayers. Many find comfort in knowing that the sisters of Transfiguration Hermitage are praying for their special needs. We spend hours each day praying for peace and the needs of all God’s people. We also offer outreach through retreats, workshops and spiritual direction.

We support ourselves through baking, gardening and making preserves. We are grateful for the support and generosity of friends and benefactors.

We invite you to share in our life and our spirit…