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While we recently reached our fundraising goal for the current building project, there are still lots of projects to be completed. As with all goals, this one has a way of receding into the distance ahead of us! Everything always costs more than expected, and work takes longer than expected, and is more complicated than expected. And so we still have a number of unfinished projects, for which there’s still not quite enough money. We need to finish the vent for the bakery. We also need to provide portable air conditioners for the retreat house. We still have lots of landscaping work to do, including flood control and the overgrown blueberry field, which we need to continue clearing so that it can be returned to production.

Not to mention the fact that the everyday bills keep coming in. And so we are grateful to all of you who continue to help us so generously. As I remarked to a friend recently, contemplative life has always needed outside support. Otherwise we would spend our entire lives working, and would have no time for prayer.

After all, prayer is what we are all about. Prayer for the needs of all people, everywhere in the entire world; and ministry to those who are seeking God. With your continuing support, we are able to spend several hours each day in prayer. With your help, we are able to provide workshops and lectures, and soon in the future we hope, a space for overnight retreats – all at a minimal cost to those who are seeking to grow in the ways of God.

All of this is our primary ‘work’ – the work of God. We do work at earning a living – in fact, we work very hard at it. As St. Benedict says, we are truly monastics when we live by the work of our hands. But the reality is that without your ongoing support, we simply don’t have the time to dedicate to our lives of prayer. Prayer for all of you: those we know, and those we don’t know. Prayer for all those whose needs and sorrows and burdens are so great.

Right now we are blessed with more potential candidates than we have monastic cells (rooms) to house them. A wonderful problem to have, but a problem nonetheless. And so we are seriously thinking of an addition – and once again, we rely on God to provide for us, through the persons of you, our generous friends and benefactors.

We can never thank you all enough, our friends who have contributed so generously to help build this house of God,. This Hermitage, and who continue to help support us. We hold you each in prayer daily, indeed many times each day, and we ask God to bless you and to shower our thanks upon you.

Anyone wishing to make a donation, can do so through Pay Pal at our online shop, or mail your gift to us:

Transfiguration Hermitage
205 Windsor Neck Rd
Windsor, ME 04363 USA.
The Transfiguration Hermitage is a tax-exempt, non-profit organization and donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Email the Hermitage if you would like more information.

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