Pray with Us

“It is good for us to be here.”


  • 8:30 AM Lauds with communion service (in chapel) (M,T, Th, F, S)
  • 9:15 – 12:00 Work time
  • 12:00 noon Dinner together, in silence, listening to tape or reading. followed by
  • Free time, with time for Midday Prayer in solitude
  • 2–4:30 PM Work time
  • 5:00 PM Vespers (in chapel)
  • 5:30 – 6:30 supper and community gathering
  • Great silence to Lauds next morning
  • Wednesday is a free day. All offices on our own. No work scheduled.
  • Sunday morning is free. Sunday noon meal is together, with conversation, followed by free time until 4:30 PM, with Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, and 5 PM, Vespers together, in chapel

Transfiguration Hermitage is a monastic community following the Rule of St. Benedict. We are dedicated to a life of prayer for the needs of all people and outreach to anyone seeking spiritual growth. This Benedictine life of prayer and solitude revolves around times of daily prayer together in chapel and our solitary prayer in the silence of our hermitage. We offer witness and opportunities of spiritual growth to others through retreats, workshops, courses, and spiritual direction. Like rain which nurtures the earth, causing plants to grow and giving food to all, this life of prayer is an invisible spring, pouring forth the grace of God’s love to human hearts.

Monastic life originated with the 4th century monks and nuns in the deserts of Egypt and Syria. Two hundred years later, St. Benedict of Nursia offered his “little Rule for beginners”, which has shaped Western monasticism ever since. This is the ancient and hallowed tradition we follow.

This simple contemplative life is centered in the love and praise of God, and in mutual love, caring and respect for one another. Prayer, solitude, liturgy, lectio, (the prayerful pondering of Scripture) and work are fundamental to our lives. We seek to share our tradition, our responsibilities, and our vision for the future, while we strive to bring about God’s kingdom in our lives and on earth.

In every generation this monastic tradition renews and gives witness to God’s presence in our midst. We do this not through our own will, but by living simple lives of prayer, solitude and obedience to God’s will, and through constant conversion, love for each other and those God sends our way.

Our daily horarium offers several hours of solitary prayer and lectio each morning and evening, as well as prayer together in the Liturgy of the Hours. Each sister lives in her own cell hermitage.

We support our hermitage by offering retreats and workshops, spiritual direction, and through the generosity of our friends and benefactors. We also produce finest quality fruitcakes, baked goods, and jams, which we sell by mail order, at the hermitage, and at local farmers’ markets. We also work at writing or at other tasks consonant with our monastic life.

Founded in 1997 in Thorndike, Maine, Transfiguration Hermitage is now located on a beautiful hill in Windsor, just east of Augusta, Maine’s capital city. With acres of rolling hills, woods, meadows, and blueberry fields, a lovely stream and gardens, the Hermitage grounds offer a relaxed, contemplative openness to the beauty of God’s creation.

We invite you to share in our life and in our spirit.

It is indeed good for all of us to be here.