Spring 2020


Dear Friends:  Our newsletter was printed before we knew that the coronavirus had arrived in the U.S. We are obviously very concerned, especially for those who have the disease, and for those medical personnel who treat them. We hold all in prayer, including the many millions whose lives are so disrupted by this horrible illness.

We wondered about not sending a newsletter at this time, but after prayer and pondering, decided that this is exactly when we all need an uplifting message, a reminder that our God upholds us—and never more so than in times of trouble. Let our essay remind you that each and every day we ‘launch out into the deep,’ trusting that God will be with us throughout.  So we send you this newsletter, praying that something in it will remind you of God’s message of hope and trust.

We also want to advise you that we believe that the virus will have run its course long before our pilgrimage in Feb 2021. So unless you hear otherwise, our pilgrimage will still go forward.

Spring 2020 Newsletter in PDF format (1.2MB)