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Fall 2021


Recently I have become more and more aware of how unaware I am of how I speak, my tone of voice, my facial expressions, sometimes even my choice of words. It is a great gift to become aware in this way, though a humbling gift. I am realizing how much my tone of voice has contributed to interpersonal disruptions, difficulties, and resentments.

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Summer 2021


When we think about trying to follow the Gospel directives, or in old-fashioned terms, the practice of virtue, we normally associate this with a lot of effort. Suppose that what is needed is not more will power, or muscle power, or major inner strategies? Suppose we might need to relax. Relax?

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Spring 2021


One of my favorite times is very early morning, shortly after I awake, when I sit in my ‘cell’ (monastic term for my room) and watch the clouds go by. My moods and emotions may not only reflect the weather outside, they are in fact the face of the weather inside.

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Winter 2020


What a time we have all been having! What a challenging, difficult, demanding year! As if the pandemic were not enough, we’ve suffered through some of the worst fires in history in the West, and pummeling, unremitting hurricanes in the South and East. With all of this fatigue, and all of these fears, we may fall prey to a deep sense of helplessness.

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Fall 2020


What a challenging year it continues to be—and likely will continue to be as we head towards fall and winter. And so we trudge along in this perilous ‘new normal.’ We endure. But it’s hard. We need to find ways to help ourselves stay the course.

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Summer 2020


In this time of pandemic, most of us take great precautions to avoid catching Covid-19. Yet we can’t help but worry. So how do we combat this virus of fear, or how do we at least seek to cope with it?

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Spring 2020


Dear Friends:  Our newsletter was printed before we knew that the coronavirus had arrived in the U.S. We are obviously very concerned, especially for those who have the disease, and for those medical personnel who treat them. We hold all in prayer, including the many millions whose lives are so disrupted by this horrible illness.

We wondered about not sending a newsletter at this time, but after prayer and pondering, decided that this is exactly when we all need an uplifting message, a reminder that our God upholds us—and never more so than in times of trouble. Let our essay remind you that each and every day we ‘launch out into the deep,’ trusting that God will be with us throughout.  So we send you this newsletter, praying that something in it will remind you of God’s message of hope and trust.

We also want to advise you that we believe that the virus will have run its course long before our pilgrimage in Feb 2021. So unless you hear otherwise, our pilgrimage will still go forward.

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Fall 2019

SILENCE: Resistance and Refuge

We are always aware of noise around us, sometimes even in a place like the Hermitage. But when we do silence those cell phones, turn off the gadgets, and unplug ourselves—at least temporarily—from the noise and commotion, what do we find?

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